Can massage for cellulite removal

Cost to clean hands with warm water, towel dry, and then massage continues; session lasts about fifteen minutes, followed by a shower and for effect lubricates the skin in the affected area anti-cellulite cream. Repeat honey massage for cellulite in a day, the entire course is designed for 15 sessions.


Can massage for cellulite removal
Can massage for cellulite removal – How to cope with cellulite, as to get rid of this problem? Beauticians unanimously called massage one of the most effective methods, and can massage cellulite unanimously tied for first place among all types of massage.

What is the secret can massage? Let’s see what happens in the skin under vacuum that is created by banks. Reduced pressure on any given area of the skin and subcutaneous tissue dramatically increases blood flow in the affected area – enhanced inflow of arterial blood, venous outflow increases, and activated processes of lymphatic drainage. This in turn leads to stimulation of the synthesis of connective tissue elements, structures regeneration subcutaneous layer increases and toxins and what happens in the development of cellulite? Subcutaneous layer cells adiposities produce an increasing number of fat elements gradually increases and the number of adiposities themselves, a growing body of each individual cell. Eventually created whole “village”, conglomerates of adiposities in these areas reduces the number of capillaries, the conditions for venous stasis, edema. Later in these areas accumulate toxins, they are surrounded by connective tissue fibers form a single cell, and the skin over them a distinctive orange peel since cellulite.


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