General recommendations about cellulite removal

Female body property cannot be considered as a lack – it helps to bear children, and if these fibers were not so flexible, they would just burst. This process, of course, is appropriate, but to call protruding hillocks and dimples beautiful nobody can they grieve every woman. How do you cope with them, or at least make them less noticeable in anticipation of beach season? There are many ways: exercise, body wraps and massages, which is worth mentioning separately.General recommendations about cellulite removal
Can massage – medical aspects of the procedure but despite the unconditional utility general recommendations how to conduct anti-cellulite massage does not exist. What is clear is that in combination with any physical activity becomes more effective massage. In addition, some experts believe that an intensive, even hard massage, giving explicit lipolytic effect. Others believe that the problem area to be worked gently, because of the fragility of blood vessels, which are easily damaged. Desired intensity level can pick a doctor, but if you choose a salon procedure, the specialist working in a salon. It is not necessary to be zealous, if you expressed capillary mesh. In this case, the doctor’s consultation is required – it determines the optimal type of loads and prompts contraindications. Vacuum massage is best done at home, already having some skills in the art of massage.


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