Technique of anti-cellulite massage canned

Cellulite suffices to compare the reasons for the problems and effects of vacuum massage to understand what cellulite massage cupping acts on one of the basic mechanisms of cellulite – poor circulation, venous stasis and stagnation of lymphatic fluid. One only improve blood circulation in the problem area is able to reverse the process, but this effect action can massage is not limited. Under the action of the vacuum being destroyed elements of connective tissue which surrounds clusters of adipocytes. Due to this effect, cells are destroyed and disappears cosmetic defect.

Technique of anti-cellulite massage canned

Of course, not everything is so simple, can massage against cellulite cannot be attributed to the good practices in the fight for youth and beauty. First sessions are usually quite painful, and after the skin may remain hematoma. Wrong with this procedure is fraught with serious gaps subcutaneous layer structures, which remain after the pronounced and prolonged healing bruises.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must either trust the massage professional or carefully examine all recommendations regarding equipment, see firsthand how it’s performed can massage cellulite, video download and carefully read all the stages of the procedure.
Technique of anti-cellulite massage canned – Before starting the massage, wash the body in the area of intended impact. Further recommend for a few minutes to warm up the skin and subcutaneous structures using classical traditional massage.


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