Stroking and rubbing for cellulite removal

Not use aggressive techniques stroking and rubbing for cellulite removal, but from kneading should be abandoned, in order to once again not injure tissue problem area. Applied to the skin warm oil (suit any vegetable) or anti-cellulite cream. By the way, the pharmacy sold special anti-cellulite oil, which is ideal for the procedure.

Stroking and rubbing for cellulite removal

When you have fully complied with all the recommendations of the preparatory phase, you can move on to the Cup massage. Establish banks. If you have a modern silicone banks, it is enough to remove them from the air and attach to the problem area, if the old, inherited from parents – use flame alcohol swab. It is important to ensure that the skin, which will enter into the banks, did not rise above the surface of more than half an inch. And listen to your feelings – if there is a sharp pain, it is better to remove the jar.

Now go directly to what is called cupping massage cellulite. Reviews say that this part of the most painful procedures. Banks perform motion along the lymphatic vessels, either clockwise or up at the extremities. Dynamic action of negative pressure on the subcutaneous structures will cause all the effects that we talked about earlier in this article.


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