People, over the threshold of middle age, often complain of sudden flashes of pain in the back, when called nor bend or straighten. “Growing pain” while driving-tilts and twists, she “shoots” to lift shopping bags or clean the apartment. A small voltage back-and in the spine as if those talons really dig the needle, If the description of the symptoms causing your teeth on edge, you know firsthand what is lumbago.
Lumbago-no diagnosis, but a term that refers to any acute back pain regardless of the reason for its occurrence, Common name far more eloquently: shooting and the problem facing the vast majority of people over thirty who do not sin love of sport and physical activities.keep for more info visit  Ken Drew official website.


Why “shoots back”?
The most common situation would pass, is the need to bend down and pick up a small weight, as an option-slope with a small twist. In response to such actions might be cutting the throbbing lower back pain. Move virtually impossible, so people were forced to stiffen in a ridiculous pose, in which he caught the pass. Any attempt to straighten up is accompanied by new outbreaks of unbearable pain So, for what and why people overtake such problems? Factors that provoke adult:
Back muscle spasms caused by excessive physical stress or long stay in an uncomfortable position.
Hypothermia and cold;
Bruises and injuries;
Diseases of the spine causing displacement of the vertebrae tumors and infections
In a broad sense the reason for crosses in the back is weak back muscles and loss of elasticity of the spine healthy. Bad posture, multiplied by a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating, are as a result of osteochondrosis. The lion’s share of the crosses in the back it happens because of degenerative disc disease and all sorts of problems derived from it, such as resonance.
Osteochondrosis-a rather vague concept.,What do you mean? Classic picture, which is a similar diagnosis: the distance between the vertebrae decreases and eventually trapped spinal nerves occurs. A nagging or cutting pain, and then the affected nerves are starting to get inflamed. Pain causes muscle spasm, which only exacerbates the problem. Along with this deteriorating blood supply to the affected area, the muscle does not get enough nutrients.
Misfortunes never come singly: Osteochondrosis has many negative effects. Disc prolapsed occurs (or drives), which in turn leads to the development of resonance. It is worth mentioning and this significant factor: the spinal nerves innervate all the internal organs. If a section of the spine is a violation will inevitably begin to suffer those who reflexively connected to the affected area. In the case of the loin can be small pelvis or legs. Shooting in this case is one of the symptoms, and in the words of the medical fraternity is a secondary lumbago, for more info see this link.


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