Say Goodbye To The Thrush Forever

All know how annoying it is “getting thrush, but not everyone knows what happens, if it does not fight, and why treat candidacies should be under the supervision of qualified professionals.

“The Thrush” is called Candidacies-inflammation of the disease of the mucous membranes of the vulva. Called Candida fungi that are present and in absolutely healthy body from birth.|-online-gv/

Candidas are attributed to the so-called “conditionally pathogenic flora”. The explosion of activity and uncontrolled reproduction of this fungus causes unpleasant sensations in the vulva in women and in men (much less often).

The non-disinfect able candidacies is dangerous because the fungus may go to internal sexual organs, as well as hitting the other bodies (stomach). Also thrush is a warning about the presence of systemic problems, such as reducing immunity or ovarian dysfunction. Introduction to Ken Drew

Yeast infection symptoms
Thick vaginal discharge is white or yellow-green color;
Itching and burning;
Redness in the area of the vagina;
Swelling of the external genital organs;
Thrush in men much rarer because of the structure of the external genital organs, there is a burning sensation and swelling on the head of the penis.

Causes of Candida fungi reproduction
The fungus starts to uncontrollably grow in moist, warm environment, while improving blood sugar (often because of a prolonged course of antibiotics); when you change the hormonal levels (including due to pregnancy or hormonal contraception); declining immunity. you can easily contact for EBOOK program reviews


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