Green Tea Is Useful Because It Contains Antioxidants.


produce trees myrrh gum resinous yellow thick with the smell of aromatic distinctive taste dry a little bitterness, said to be the original home of Lamar in the north-east of Africa, especially Somalia and produces bitter in Asian countries such as India, Iran, Thailand, and also in the Arabian Peninsula, especially Yemen, and the bitter one of the oldest drugs known and used in perfumes and incense and embalming a drug Excellent for mouth and throat problems and skin diseases, is also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissure and fistula on the Department of bitter herbal remedies and medicinal plants on the site ken drew

Food containing selenium such as seafood and meat a few grease, garlic, whole grains, very useful because Selenium is an antioxidant that reduces the incidence of cancer.

Get rid of the grease from the meat and poultry as much as possible.

Avoid foods grilled or fried warmly high degree, as well as the grill if burned or roasted part thereof, as well as reduced the smoked meat because the meat smoked and grilled absorbs some of the harmful compounds, and are advised to remove the chicken skin, for example, after roasting, even if I said it best bait.

Reduce food stored or treated with salt or nitrates (especially meat) and pickled.

Reduce soft drinks in particular for women.

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