Common Diseases Of Acidity

Gradient in the eating, and by eating a little food easy to digest, brown bread or bananas or white rice cooked a little too fat or boiled potatoes.

– avoid certain types of foods temporarily, such as dairy products and whole milk and caffeinated drinks and fatty foods types or foods fortified with spices or hot pepper.

– Get enough rest facility.

– Avoid taking medicines to stop diarrhea, which may cause slowly in ridding the body of bacteria and chemicals that cause the problem of food poisoning.

Therefore, we see people who are predisposed to infection heartburn more than others, as well as, the establishment of stomach secrete certain hormones cause an increase sometimes in the secretion of acid (HCL). Ken Drew Review

External factors are no less serious than those of organic or psychological, as the quality of the food may be a reason in itself to the weakening of the mucous membrane lining of the stomach becomes the stomach vulnerable to the effects of acid (HCL), it is that coffee, tea or smoking or drinking alcohol and God forbid, and some medicines containing substances anti-inflammatory and pain relievers such as aspirin and drugs rheumatism and cortisone the same role.
Finally, sleep immediately after eating or lack of exercise is to keep the LED connector between the stomach and esophagus openwhich leads to the exit of acid from the stomach causing a “flashback”, one of the most factors leading to acidity.


Before knowing the leading cause of acidity when someone must pass through several stages and the use of a number of means until we get the result definitive about the reasons for that burning.
Doctor at the outset to take the clinical picture and the history of the disease and its symptoms, after which it is the work of radiographs called (Barium meal) or barium meal, which helps in the detection of some of the causes of acidity, while the third stage is up to the work of the so-called endoscopic, where the tube is inserted rubber by the lens and lighting by mouth, without the need for hypnosis or sedation, and passes the tube esophagus, stomach, and the end of the century, and so the doctor can see the inside of these organs as clearly as he can take pictures of each part of the internal organs. Our special offer on Diseaseless Ebook


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