Acidity Of Common Diseases

Acidity of common diseases in this age, which is proliferating and took infect even young children to relate to the behavior of food, which is a natural product of secretions civil, and the spread of fast food, lack of exercise, eat dinner late, such as sleep, are all reasons lead to increased fat The acids in the stomach, and then starts the disease spam. ken drew


What acidity?


Doctors know acidity as burning sensation behind the greatness of the cage bottom of the chest, and different unit felt from one person to anotherand sometimes called “heartburn”.

arises a sense of heartburn usually due to attack acid (HCL) and is located under the secretions stomach, and this acid affects the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum and sometimes the lower part of the esophagus, is not limited to this effect on acid, but can ferment pepsin digestive (Pepsin) to do the same thing, as Helps constant friction between food particles, especially what was it is chewed well or The particles are relatively large in the appearance of that aching feeling heartburn.


Causes of acidity are numerous reasons for acidity and vary between organic causes and other psychological as well as those nutritional or arising out of some bad habits. first causes heartburn is the acid in your stomach is named (HCL), and despite the fact that this acid is present in the stomach naturally and you are to help digest food, but that the occurrence of any defect in the mucosal lining of the stomach (which protects the stomach from acid) leads to a lack of the body’s immunity and then attacking it sour stomach, causing heartburn.


On the other hand, the psychological factor excess and permanent tension helps the secretion of certain hormones lead to the emergence of acidity or one causes. you can easily go on our webpage for all the disease problem


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