Tips To Ease The Pain Of Anal Fissure

Complain about a lot of people from having cracks (fissures) enema, what causes them pain big-like pain hemorrhoids, although the difference is large and essential between the two, are veins are swollen, while considered cracks or cracks the skin, affecting the same area of the Interior. Says (Head of colorectal surgery at a clinic):

“The cracks anal are very similar to those ruptures painful that infect sometimes lining of the mouth, and spoke these ruptures oral and anal when it rubs against the skin mucous membrane thinning. The one common reasons behind these ruptures in anus, due to the exit stools solid. ken drew

“If you are suffering from cracks anal, know that this ulcers simple small, it can make your life or some periods of sitting, tragedy painful because of burning and twitching and pain caused, which often lead to bleeding, however.

How he sees the doctors could overcome this crisis?

1 – Avoid hard stools: It can be avoided by eating fiber and fluids in abundance, and is generally one of the harmful side effects of the diet-west, which lacks the fiber, it is hard stools fossil that is tearing apart the rectum, leading to the occurrence of cracks anal and hemorrhoids, and the solution? see doctors that he is on a diet rich in fiber and fluids that facilitate the process output, says: “Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, in addition to eating (6-8) cups of water a day, is The best treatment which is also the best preventive measure can we use against these cracks, even healed alone.”

2 – Use powder: after every entry to the bathroom try using baby powder, which helps to absorb moisture from the region, and on this point, says Dr. Marvin Schuster (Head Department of Gastroenterology at the medical center Scott): “This powder keeps the dry zone, which reduces friction, which may occur during the day.”  visit ken drew officaial webpage


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