Physical Therapy And Home Care For Children With Anal


When detecting clinical anal area by a specialist doctor has noted the presence of anal fissure, has resorted often to check area anal fingering to rule out the presence of tumors or hemorrhoids.

Complications and complexities:

Sometimes when there is a Home Care has healed the rift anal when the baby without any complications, but may be repeated appearances, and in the case of a child without attention and treatment may lead to the transformation of the rift to crack chronic difficult healing, and in this case the doctor immediately conduct surgical intervention for LED anal.  Disease less scam

Prevention rift anal children:

– change the diapers of the child constantly.

– Anti-occurrence of any constipation or chronic diarrhea.

– cleaning the anal area always gently.

– Drinking water fluids and fresh juices always.

Drug treatment for crack anal in children:

When anal fissure when the baby because of constipation, the child may respond automatically to treatment after the removal of the main reason it is constipation, and when you go to the pediatrician, it is mostly a description of laxatives in the form of drinks or points, as well as ointments topical analgesic (a local anesthetic) to ease the pain, but laxatives do not use for more than a week of being caused laziness in the intestine.

There are ways and means of effective natural treatment for crack anal when a child, especially at the beginning to happen, and these include the means natural use of natural honey, as well as the use of laxatives natural (senna), offers some natural methods effective for the treatment of rift anal children, also provides for the mother methods of home care for children infected anal, can be found in the treatment of rift anal.


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