Important Notes On Physical Therapy

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

● General observations:

– Pregnant and lactating women do not use this natural treatment, while children under 15 years do not use this treatment only after consulting specialists in the site.

– This natural treatment is codified and carefully considered and has no negative side effects, and that the ratio of the effectiveness of this treatment is high because it works according to a natural treatment plan for each component which acts as a given. ken drew

– This natural treatment is not just calming temporary irritable bowel syndrome, because his work is focused on the main cause for all the symptoms regulates the movement of the walls of the colon and return it to its former, and thus disappear irritable bowel syndrome physical, psychological and gradually during the period of the use of physical therapy.

– Mix honey with herb acceptable taste no bitterness or acidity, but is characterized by the combination warmly minor are the most important therapeutic properties of this composition, and this heat finds many delicious or desirable and to be on the front of the tongue and limbs not only last for a few seconds.

– Do not eat the herb mixture with honey on an empty belly, but after the main meal at least twice to three times during the day.

– Before eating honey mixture directly we move the entire components of the mixture, nor addressed the problem of drinking water after or mix it with plain water and drink mix.

– Physical therapy does not keep in the fridge, just put in a dry place at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


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