Anal Fissure In Children

Children and the elderly are most susceptible to the occurrence of rift anal due to many reasons including constipation, dehydration and low intake of fiber and fluids during the day, and the rift anal in children causes great suffering to them and makes them reluctant to defecate. Disease less review

To make matters worse due to increased hardening of feces and thereby doubling the problem rift anal, say doctors and specialists that more than 90% of children who have blood with stool infected anal, and stop the bloodshed of rift usually of his own during (5-10) minutes, and in this issue provides us with comprehensive information and sufficient for the rift anal when children and methods of prevention and home care for children infected and how to cure it natural.


frequent presence of anal fissure in young children for many reasons, including constipation and lasting drought, as well as may occur rift in children who suffer from the disease Crones (Crohn’s disease), and in some cases it seems strange that the children who suffer from diarrhea lasting may happen to them anal fissure because liquid stool may weaken the tissues surrounding it, also contains acid may burn the interior region, thus causing some sort of rash and thus evolve to an anal fissure.


Symptoms experienced by a child with anal represented in the incidence of pain upon defecation (bowel movement) with the presence of constipation or without it, may also note the presence of blood bright red color in the form of points or small fine lines on the surface of the stool or on toilet paper, and the stool is usually a large size or solid followed by direct blood , and can be seen Rip shallow or crack when breakthrough buttocks, but it is not always possible to see Rip, as the child feels pain is simple when you touch the rift.


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