Heart Disease When Pregnant

9 months of happiness and hope with those who will accept to life, but, what is your destiny and fate in case

I was ill in the heart muscle??

Mention that there are two types of diabetes, the first of them, the immune system attacks the body – for error – cells “beta” in the islets of the pancreas, which produces insulin, resulting in the destruction of these cells increase the sugar glucose in the blood significantly, and then the onset of diabetes.

While the second – the most common – the cells “beta” produces insulin, but it is in small quantities, or in appropriate amounts, but the body cannot utilize it for one reason or another, Disease less review scam

Suffer from heart failure in the United States alone, about 5 million people, the ratio of between 25 and 44% of patients with heart failure also suffer from diabetes.

Heart disease when pregnant! Expecting the end of your pregnancy eagerly, and are carrying the birth of a healthy baby, but, may too many problems that, and thus have an impact on you and your baby, what to do?
Cardiomyopathy when pregnant and occurs when a pregnant woman, especially in the last quarter of pregnancy and the fifth month after birth, which is ill lead to weakness in the muscle and causes unknown. symptoms of neuropathy and heart disease Most congenital heart disease or acquired when women are adversely affected pregnancy, so it is advisable some women not to pregnancy for fear of complications expected, and this may occur in the weeks and months the first pregnancy as a result of physiological changes and membership in excess of fluid in the body, and thus show the symptoms of heart disease, and this reflects the case of morbidity associated with pregnancy, which occurs at the end of pregnancy and after birth, and its symptoms not differ from the symptoms of heart failure, which is the difficulty in breathing, dry cough with tight when you lie down, the patient to use more than one pillow at bedtime, as well as accelerated heartbeat, chest pain , and swelling in the body, especially the legs, see our privacy policy


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