Heart Disease in Pregnancy

Factors that help the occurrence of disease research has demonstrated that there are multiple factors increase the chance of a cardiomyopathy, but they are not reasons in themselves, and these factors: the aging of women, women with recurrent pregnancy, malnutrition, pregnancy twins, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, as well as the use of certain drugs that prevent abortion, may contribute to the occurrence of this situation.

Chances of recurrence of the disease this case unchecked several and most important: if he got ill in the muscle, and did not recover the woman recovered after , the next pregnancy will be accompanied by beams heart failure, but a greater proportion, but if restored myocardial normal, after a previous pregnancy, the chance occurrence of landing less, read more tips in our Diseaseless Ebook Review
Fate of mother and child , the fate of mothers linked strongly impact the heart muscle, in the past, the disease is fatal, Today, it is divided into two groups: the first: the return of women to their normal “by a large margin.
“Second: the continuation of congestive heart failure and its symptoms with the ability to control it, but the fate of the children has prematurely, and are considered stunted, and some are born dead.

Kind of birth and their effects pregnant play childbirth an important role in increasing complications or vice versa, for example through natural childbirth women are subjected to a lot of pressure as they have to make a certain voltage which increases stress on the heart, more than the severity of the disease, so we resort to making birth by Caesarean section to avoid exposure to risk, We also resort in few to use a needle depending on if pregnant.

Diagnostic tests include blood tests and knowledge of physiology such as the liver and the heart of their relationship to fall in the heart, the study of the proportion of oxygen, photographs sound of the heart to determine the incidence and severity, in addition to the tests complementary to the exclusion of other causes of cardiomyopathy the heart, for example, examine the thyroid gland, click here to tell me about my tips


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