Therapy for cellulite

Alternatively, you can use the maintenance carboy therapy 1x per month. In addition, it is also very effective combination carboy therapy the surface effect of laser , or you can indulge in rejuvenation – facial rejuvenation, neck and hand nails at one time.

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Carboxyl therapy by location and time of treatment

Radio frequency + + carboy therapy neck décolleté – rejuvenation, skin stretching, wrinkle reduction
Price for a single carboy therapy is in the range of package is valid for 7 +1 carboy therapy with lymphatic drainage for the price of 4300, -.

Are you thinking about effective skin rejuvenation with carboxytherapy? Make an appointment for a consultation!

Inflating chamber continuously puts pressure on the muscles (muscle pump) and by extension, lymph vessels in successive waves dissipation occurs sap and waste products of cell metabolism of tissues through the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream from the body

Manual lymphatic drainage from for even more efficient and effective outcome reduction of cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic system before beginning dash lymph drainage manual lymph draining regional lymph

The importance of lymphatic massage ensures the transport of the waste products of cell metabolism of tissues and the body via


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