Education in training the arms

Nick then asked me to repeat and weight training in arms. I boasted eight with 20 kilos on 45 two-pound dumbbell to shoulder presses, which it obviously much because he told me that it’s useless.

A tough time

My street education in training arm had just started.

Education in training the armsNick told me to take 7-pound dumbbells and went to the positively inclined bench, where we start with training pressures with a positive tilt back and shoulders.

Rear shoulders?

I did not know what it is, because I did not train much. Sometimes I have to put them series, which I read in a magazine.

We played a little pressure on positively inclined bench. When we were warming up, his instructions: the five pressures, then turn face down on an inclined bench and put 60 repetitions with 7 two-pound dumbbells.

Yes, 60 reps!

I thought he was joking; all the books say that grows between 8 and 12 repetitions, and this will affect only the slow fibers, and make me a marathon runner. I still do not humiliate a series performed an upper back.

It was horrible. Rear shoulder I never in my life so hurt. Then I added some positive pressure weight, we got to 125 pounds. I put five more, but I noticed that it suddenly seems hard, and then I put another 60 reps


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