The Genetic tests

How to get the tests?The Genetic  tests

* If you suspect that you have a risk genes, ask your GP whether you issue a requisition to genetic counseling

* Recommendations may also expose gynecologist or other specialist

* At private clinics can be addressed directly, especially if you want to get tested for its calmness, though in a family with no serious disease occurred,  more about health?

* If your doctor prescribes tests, all paid by the insurance company when you decide to identify genetic predispositions to disease yourself, you pay 5 to 12

If the disease could be tested in your family does not appear, doctors do not recommend testing.

Although tests, especially in some private laboratories promise to tell you more at risk than a dozen diseases, yet in reality it by Goethe experts are able to relatively accurately predict only a few of them.

These are mainly four types of tumors, which is clearly known connection with certain genes and their mutations.

Besides breast cancer concerned ovarian and then colon cancer and uterus, the breast cancer carries a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer and the incidence of colon cancer and endometrial cancer in families can trace a connection.


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