Tests at increased risk of thrombosis and embolism

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Tests at increased risk of thrombosis and embolismAround five thousand crowns in a private clinic examinations such as detecting the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while the risk of developing thrombotic complications in women who are also conditional hereditary mutations.

Tests at increased risk of thrombosis and embolism is between two and three thousand crowns, and certainly make sense if these problems occur in families, and the woman wants to take hormonal contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy prescribed at the time of menopause.

Exact tests for Down syndrome are paid ,   healthy life idea’s

Common practice is already testing the fetus during pregnancy due to Down syndrome, for example – tests with approximate accuracy of all pregnant valid insurance, new, completely accurate tests must women cover themselves and costs 13-15 thousand.

These tests fruits no threat, used them ultrasound and blood tests, very controversial testing of embryos for the presence of cancer genes, which may be done by artificial insemination of the female-risk families.

Even before conception should do genetic counseling should also target people in their families occurred cystic

Congenital defects are revealed before birth

Number of children with serious birth defects in the Czech Republic Falls the methods by which doctor’s unborn children examined are improved.

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