Hereditary may be other tumors

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Hereditary may be other tumorsIn these laboratories cancer can quite accurately determine the percentage risk that a person becomes ill,

if wearing a gene of interest. Hereditary may be other tumors, but it is extremely rare.

“For example, in Alzheimer’s disease can be tested risk only partially, for some types of diseases. Case of cardiovascular diseases it basically cannot determine at all, for example because the game enters many factors including lifestyle,” adds doctor Peter Goetz , see more about health.

While in the case of a confirmed high risk of some cancers, doctors may recommend preventive intervention for example, in the case of an increased likelihood of heart problems anyway, the client can often learn only that they should live healthily. “And it was enough to read a newspaper,” says geneticist Goetz.

Who should go for testing?

The testing should seriously consider each, in which the family has repeatedly experienced the same type of tumor, or cancer, or even more different tumors someone in the family appeared before forty.
Info graphics: What diseases predict genetic tests

The reason would be the appearance of rare tumors, such as breast cancer in men. In such cases, people can count on the fact that genetic tests recommend their clinic.

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