Gestational diabetes in expectant mothers

According to obstetrician Ales Rentokil from  it is not so rare. “There are two types of women – one of them clamoring for the greatest number of examinations, the second they again try as much as possible to avoid,” says the doctor.Gestational diabetes in expectant mothers

What can you refuse

Among examination that some women shy away from test to include gestational diabetes in expectant mothers. If confirmed, the doctors did not know about it, there is a risk that the child will be large at birth and future patients.

“I again refused to internal examination of the cervix at each visit, because I was hurt and do not consider it necessary,” says Elena from Prague, the mother of two children. The doctor finally gave her the truth and it does not mean that something is underestimated. Also, another of his colleagues do not have this test every time, which of course does not apply in cases where a woman troubled by premature contractions of the uterus or has other symptoms of the pregnancy complicated., after health fitness.

By the way, if you are able to specify the fact that pregnancies are the norm three ultrasounds, you are right. All the others are extras and is at your gynecologist if you have been doing for free, or whether paying a supplement for them. A hundred or two is a picture of the child in the womb.

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