Genetic tests can detect cancer

Genetic tests can detect cancerFrankly, the number of ultrasounds and thus view the developing child, although you can calm down, but with monitoring their own health, the child does not have much in common. Conversely, if your gynecologist does not perform ultrasound examinations during each pregnancy check, it does not mean that you and future child coughs.

For genetic tests can detect cancer,  see more.

Are you worried that even in your family is prone to certain diseases are inherited and that the risk applies to you? Then you can get tested. If geneticist risk confirms investigation pays health insurance. The most accurate predictions concerning certain tumors

When you begin to look for on the internet where you can leave to do so-called predictive genetic tests that can answer the question of what disease you in the future at risk, we quickly discover that the offer in this respect is wide.

“People should, however, first of all should turn to genetic counseling, which make them a thorough family history, under which they learn whether these tests make sense,” explains Petra Goetz, Head of the Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics, 2nd Medical Faculty of the University Charles.


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