Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular disease

“If the test indicates a geneticist, tests shall be borne by the insurance company,” says from the

Alzheimer's disease or cardiovascular diseaseDepartment of Epidemiology and genetics of tumors of the Brno Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute. The insurance company may pay in that case also tests some risk of the disease in private laboratories, but not a rule.

Five, but fifteen thousand

If someone wants to investigate all possible risks, including, for example, Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular disease across the board, or without some of them had indication from genetics must usually pay the price of 5 to 12,000 crowns, Idea’s about Healthy Life.

The candidates, who wish to leave to do the testing for your peace of mind, counted in large laboratories at hospitals. According Fore ova and Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute from next month will offer money for testing for the presence of genes that cause breast cancer and those who sent them geneticist. Price is not yet known.

“Women that do not meet the strict criteria for the implementation of costly genetic testing, paid health insurance, it can also offer a short version of this test with approximately 50 percent detection rate of mutations

Such examination shall be borne by the woman herself. Its price is much lower, however, is twelve hundred crowns,” enumerated Kael Rail doctor from Prague’s center for disease of the breast.


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