Physical core exercises

At least 10 minutes of activity even started and sufficient blood supply of tissue that are going safely.

Physical core exercisesStretch regularly, at least once a day, ideally in the evening. Of course, a better option would be to include stretching in the morning and in the daily program.

In the case of training stretch what is really pathetic level, well i completely before training and after training really well.

In each stretching position endure for at least 15 seconds, slow down and deepen breathing and breath, try to relax more.

To the maximum ranges always move smoothly and slowly.

Physical core – core

The importance of core body due to the posture you also have to read a lot. For example, here and here

The muscles of the core body: Transverse abdominal muscle The diaphragm Pelvic floor

The deep muscles of the spine mainly mm.

If we learn the principles of good posture and muscle activation of the body’s core, we can begin to create virtually any movement and its stability is due to the fact secured.

Every movement involves working muscle nuclei, forming a kind of transmission among other segments of the body.


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