Breathing during exercise

Breathing during exerciseFor the safety and health of your body is important that the core really worked well. It is not necessary to extra worry – if you learn this complex once used, they should be gradually automate its activity, and its involvement should function without excessive your consciousness.

The issue that is often addressed too Questions like “where is the breath and exhale” I hear from clients and people in general every day.

Replies that are most often squeezed, is a simple instruction to “just breathe”.

The worst is over when a person begins to think unnecessarily. The human body is very smart and definitely not allows suffered from a lack of oxygen, and itself sets the perfect stereotype when to breathe in and when to breathe out.

The stereotype of breathing – localization

One thing is important, and this is where the targeted breathe.

For women, it is normal and part of the upper thoracic breathing, in which a substantial burden on the pectoral muscles and the front of the delta – because they often have more pronounced shoulder protraction. For men, the usual abdominal breathing – literally lying there abdominal wall

The ideal location is somewhere in between. The ideal is called diaphragmatic breathing, which is targeted below the last ribs to the sides and ideally in the loins.

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