Training of basic exercises

Training of basic exercisesI’m starting to practice

– Training of basic exercises

Last episode we talked about breathing, stretching and physical core. I hope that these topics have been a bit cloudy and hard wearing work.

As for stretching and preparing a descriptive and photographic paper, with precise positions and stretching exercises that help you perform stretching.

Basic exercises

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In this episode we will focus on the different variations of basic exercises. Those of you who follow our website regularly, probably taken aback that I think the basic exercises. Most of this term we discuss the bench-press, dead lift and squat. The concept that I have I mean, is this list only one hit that same exercise, and squatting.

The exercises, which we will discuss, consider sheer foundation, which is to be controlled perfectly with the weight of his own body, so you can move on, added weight, intensified training and began to be paid to the other exercises.

Perfectly controlled means to handle the exact scope of practice and throughout the implementation maintain the correct posture. The assumption is also involved muscles that we want to engage, and does not help the already congested muscles of normal activities and movement stereotypes of our lives.

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