The internal oblique abdominal muscles

The internal oblique abdominal musclesThe internal oblique abdominal muscles (M. oblique intern’s abdominals) start: thorax columbaria fascia, iliac crest, leg. Inguinal insertion: 10th-12th rib, poseur M obis. int. + m trams

Function: the fuselage – later flexed, rotation, abdominal press; Breathing – exhale the diaphragm (did piragua m) Start: spine, lit. arced atoms med., lit. Arc autumns lat. / Cartilage ribs (7 to 12) / zip hide’s process’s vagina rectus abdominal muscle

Insertion: Centre ten diseur Functions: respiration – inspiration Pelvic floor (M. dais piragua pelvis)

It is a group of muscles muscle dam: arc’s trendiness m lavatories’ or (from the pubis to spins inguinal) / leagues. Amoco lyceum, the edge of the coccyx M. live tor ant – M. pub co cycles: externally from the syphilis / leagues. Arno cook lyceum, coccyx, contra lateral muscle M. coccyges: leagues / leagues. Sacco spinouts’ function: general – flexible scum pelvis, uterine support apparatus

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Deep layers of muscle injury (most often referred mm. MultiFinder)

Start:  insertion: vertebrae (to a greater number of Thorns)

Function: the fuselage – dorsal flexion (oboist.) later flexed (p bow), auxiliary rotation (second page)

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