Surface vs. the deep muscles

Surface vs. the deep musclesImportant features associated with this is the ability to co-ordination and balance, the center of gravity is not fixed or waving of hands how many times does not help and stability is gone.

Lumbar spine

As we have already mentioned, it is the most delicate region is statistically the highest injury, most often a slipped disc.

Any external stress, especially change of position, tilt, bend, bow, even combined with the increased burden is enormous congestion in this area.
Increase muscle activity on the one hand the pressure in the abdominal cavity, which in itself, as it contracted muscles, creating active support your spine and absorb a substantial portion of overload.

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Surface vs. the deep muscles

The great dogma is unfortunately that if we want to make this work well, we must be drained completely functional muscle surface. I dare say that this is not true.

The human body is a complex one, and if you strip out the functions of the part or the other, from which activities require will not work 100%.

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