Physical core of muscle building

Physical core of muscle building Everything works cooperatively and there is the fact that the majority of superficial and deep muscles in the same area innervate, thus activates one nerve branch. So it is not physiologically possible.

The ideal of perfect health and abdomen are not squares, but straight flat belly. This statement is just because of the hierarchy in favor of muscle cross, but it does not mean that if a person has properly strengthened belly, and even stabilizing that this particular muscle development cannot be certain aesthetic level. Just need to seek priority focus for different exercises.

Access to the physical core of the “dysfunctional” individuals and beginners work is a lot, but I see there are two basic branches, which are therefore completely contradictory:

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Slowly and surely stabilize and coaching precise physiological position, with emphasis on precision and sequence, and only then embark on a more challenging workout, where such operations are involved in traditional movements and exercises.

Reverse is traditional drills, training elite athletes, who put the first performance, strengthen muscles mostly superficial, without a significant focus and reflect on the deeper group.

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