Locate individual muscles

Locate individual musclesWhen we talked about the cylinder, box or box, so we can accurately locate individual muscles

We cover our box stands up beautifully diaphragm. The day will logically pelvic floor muscles and the rest of us remain for the entire wall – mentioned abdominal muscles – back and spine us perfectly “staples” she deep spinal muscle group.
Normal reflexes, unexpected situations – the core functionality

What constitutes the main importance of this complex? What we actually this is the box?


Whether passively or actively protects the “packaging” of our bodies. Passive mini that just forms a layer that already in itself creates a shield from external influences – shock, etc.

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Actively protects our organs and that with proper contraction creates pressure on the abdominal cavity, making it clamped, and ensures that everything was in place, do not flinch, did not move into any of the holes. Its contraction produces the abdominal cavity while a higher pressure, which has the same function and also helps digestion, shift food in the digestive tract.


Themselves as representatives of this group is important for the actual breathing. Use the diaphragm to breathe and both abdominal muscles – transverse and internal oblique – help exhale.

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