Abdominal muscle insertion

Abdominal muscle insertionThe importance of this system probably goes without saying, when you realize what’s in the box actually is all about. Since this is a “wrapper” of the abdominal cavity, where it is stored most vital organs, not much to talk about.

Another argument is the lumbar section of the spine, which in this area also located, which is the most delicate part of our body axial support. Because it is the lowest stored movable section which bears the highest load, plus there any manipulation other external load multiplied, he faces a number of risks and many injuries associated with overloading and overall movement, but also with normal activities and viceversa with physical inactivity, but that’s mainly because of the lack of support the body’s core muscles.

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But we talked only in general terms and this group to different geometric shapes, describe it a little more sophisticated and professionally.

We will describe the muscles that fit into the system, its origin and insertion, we found that two sites together attract their contractions, and its function.

Transverse abdominal muscle insertion: lines alba, M. obis int., leg. Inguinal

Function: the fuselage – auxiliary rotation, abdominal press; Breathing – exhale

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