Risk Factors For Coronary Artery Disease

Anyone that has a chance of myocardial ischemia
Age it is natural for people with Alzheimer’s organs. Natural law, which is the remaining walls of the blood, just as it would have been worse with age. Thus, the elderly are more vulnerable to anyone, but the risk factors for disease. The chance of vascular disease faster than people with risk factors. If we avoid or removal will not cause the disease or slow the disease
Risk factors divided.
One risk factor control is a risk factor that cannot be avoided. This is what happens when you open your eyes to see the world. Risk factors include:
•    Gender Men have a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Than women but when the golden age of women’s chance of stroke is increased.
•    If you inherited a grandfather, a grandmother, father, mother, brothers, premature coronary artery disease. You have the risk of coronary heart disease.
•    Age, coronary artery disease who are at the age to be over 65 years old, but because people fatter. Younger people with underlying cause of this disease are increasing.
•    Race


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