Major Complications With Myocardial Infarction

Patients with myocardial infarction have higher mortality rates. It was found that 50 percent died before reaching the hospital. Due to cardiac arrhythmia 10-15 percent of the patients died in the hospital. Due to the complications of the heart muscle, so if we know the disease will enable us to prevent disease complications. We divided complications into
•    Complications in the early stages
•    Complications occurred after discharge from the hospital.
•    Complications in the early stages

Shock from the heart (Cardiogenic Shock)

Refers to the condition in which the heart muscle, left ventricular failure or until severe heart failure cannot squeeze the organs adequately. The retention of water in the lungs, low blood pressure Symptoms of inadequate organ perfusion

Most of the skin and sweating Lethargy or restlessness

The most important is Blood flow to the coronary arteries clogging as soon as possible. The method is to dissolve blood clots Or the use of balloon expandable coronary arteries. Bypass surgery or other treatment facility. Peripheral vascular medicine intimidated Drugs increase blood pressure, etc. If this complication is very high death rate of about 90 percent

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