Two factors can be controlled
•    Smoking may be smoking or non-smoking people close makes this disease faster.
•    Disease, high blood pressure, those with blood pressure over 110/75 mmHg arterial walls to impact the risk of coronary artery disease and hard. Is the most important risk factors for heart disease.

•    Hypercholesterolemia

•    Diabetes

•    Obesity

•    Lack of exercise

•    Eating the wrong foods. Eating more fruits and vegetables to increase the rate of heart disease by 31 per cent.
Other risk factors include:

•    Stress and anger can cause stroke faster, which may have come from eating more food or smoking increased.

•    Drinking too although drinking the right amount to help reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease. But drinking too much can increase the risk of coronary artery because blood pressure and cholesterol, increased triglyceride.

•    Those who are disadvantaged the low education and low income; these factors are the measurements to ischemic heart disease.

•    Use of certain drugs Characterized as oral contraceptives, especially women with risk factors such as smoking.

•    Inflamed gums or teeth can cause inflammation, inflammation.

•    Patients with depression

•    Patients with myocardial thickness

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