Detect myocardial ischemia

To detect myocardial ischemia detected by a high-frequency sound waves in combination with exercise, by virtue of that principle. If a stroke is no more blood to the heart, however, when a heart is not enough blood to the heart muscle to work less as we see from the ultrasoundDetect myocardial ischemia

Defibrillator may be used for many kinds of work, such as a heart stimulant Dobutamin, dipyridamole, and adenosine. By means of the nest utility (Radionuclide Imaging Study) ,read more

There are many benefits

  • Detect muscle infarction
  • Calculated volumetric myocardial
  • To detect myocardial ischemia.
  • Detection of muscle function (hibernating myocardium).
  • View cardiac function
  • Prognoses
  • Principles radioactive Thallium is injected before and after exercise. To detect myocardial ischemia dead.

Found that if the heartbeat unusual species VPC 3-10 / hour, or a change of ST Segment depression patients have a mortality rate 2-3 times.

The catheterization and coronary angiography see.

Patients with chest pain and tested by the Ravens. R. Running belt, the positive results, the doctor will recommend the spray paint. That myocardial infarction doctor will inject color in risk groups mentioned above.


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