Cancer disease has been linked with the name of death until he became unmatched awe and shuddering and became everyone who hears his name to feel fear and grief and sorrow either is injured or one of his relatives or acquaintances, and this disease in its various forms comes in second only to heart disease in perpetuating the highest mortality rate in the industrialized nations.Ken Drew Review

In recent increased incidence of cancer in Arab societies, and this increase came as a result of various factors, including changing lifestyles and tampering with everything that is natural and other causes and factors, and despite this talk Shocker who We started by our theme for cancer.

But we do not see in the cancer death sentence is not he nor the other can make any difference in the long written, especially since studies centers and research never stopped searching assiduous to learn the secrets of the minutes of the disease and thus finding an effective treatment and the conciliator for all types of cancer, and we are in every day we hear about drugs and new treatments carries salvation The final of the disease different era, and it’s not too long ago how many of the disease meant death in the past.

We no longer hear about only in books, thanks to the scientific revolution in the treatment, and with determination and hope we can triumph over this disease wicked or at least we can achieve success uneven depending on the nature and the type and stage of cancer, and with hope, determination and patience. visit ken drew diseaseless review EBOOK


Green Tea Is Useful Because It Contains Antioxidants.


produce trees myrrh gum resinous yellow thick with the smell of aromatic distinctive taste dry a little bitterness, said to be the original home of Lamar in the north-east of Africa, especially Somalia and produces bitter in Asian countries such as India, Iran, Thailand, and also in the Arabian Peninsula, especially Yemen, and the bitter one of the oldest drugs known and used in perfumes and incense and embalming a drug Excellent for mouth and throat problems and skin diseases, is also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissure and fistula on the Department of bitter herbal remedies and medicinal plants on the site ken drew

Food containing selenium such as seafood and meat a few grease, garlic, whole grains, very useful because Selenium is an antioxidant that reduces the incidence of cancer.

Get rid of the grease from the meat and poultry as much as possible.

Avoid foods grilled or fried warmly high degree, as well as the grill if burned or roasted part thereof, as well as reduced the smoked meat because the meat smoked and grilled absorbs some of the harmful compounds, and are advised to remove the chicken skin, for example, after roasting, even if I said it best bait.

Reduce food stored or treated with salt or nitrates (especially meat) and pickled.

Reduce soft drinks in particular for women.

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Ways To Prevent Cancer

Scientific research confirms issued by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund that nutrition can affect b (70%) of cancers, there are types of cancers not related to the food out. there causes a clear cancer, but a few remain the rest of the causes of non-specific, for example, alcohol reasoned clear for breast cancer, as well as weight gain after menopause increases the risk of injury, as well as women who give birth at a younger age to have a lower percentage of infection than women who did not begin childbearing until after age 30 years.Diseaseless System Book Review

On the other hand, studies have shown that eating fresh fruits and vegetables reduces and clearly the chances of developing cancer, and advised the following to increase cancer prevention:

1 – Increase fresh fruits and vegetables from five to nine servings a day (half an apple is considered one serving).

2 – Increase whole grains (Mainland) 3-4 servings.

3 – Do not less fiber for the recommended limit of 25 grams per day, and we get from fruits and vegetables and whole grains, which are very important in the prevention of colon cancer spread in the Kingdom.

4 – Increased food intake paperwork particular cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli because they contain a substance Salvo raven, and found to have been affected protective of cancers of the colon and esophagus, mouth, pharynx, breast and thyroid.

5 – Add the garlic and onions for the food at the appropriate times, articles of amyl proved useful as a condom.

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How Can I Avoid Acidity?

Acidity and food

patients can acidity eating fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, fish, butter, eggs, jam, white meat, but it must refrain from smoking and alcohol and alcohol completely along with coffee and Gentlemen Tea heavy, which should mitigate them as much as possible, as well as not over-containing foods the spices, and the like that pickles of all kinds.  Diseaseless review

There are steps that if followed strictly can avoid the risk of acidity potential, and when you apply these tips in a systematic manner and strict find a patient that he has improved significantly, so we can avoid acidity and risks, among these tips:

* Do not go to bed immediately after eating, but given time until the stomach can digest.

* Delay to drink water after eating the duration ranged from half an hour to two hours.

* Ensure adherence meals three and not to introduce small meals, or between meals, or eat only when you feel hungry.

* attempt to limit the intake of tea, coffee, soft drinks and sour like lemon juice and orange or drinks that contain large quantities of caffeine.

* Eat a cup of low-fat milk in the morning after waking up from sleep and when Morocco and before going to sleep.

* Careful to exercise twice a week at least, or half an hour a day.

Physiotherapy acidity
acidity of the diseases that will be treated with natural and effective in the hands of the patient before they have physician, and there are a lot of ways the therapeutic potential natural around us that do not bear any of the side effects of chemical drugs, and can be found on some of the details of this natural therapeutic solutions through the end of the visit the link on this webpage.

Common Diseases Of Acidity

Gradient in the eating, and by eating a little food easy to digest, brown bread or bananas or white rice cooked a little too fat or boiled potatoes.

– avoid certain types of foods temporarily, such as dairy products and whole milk and caffeinated drinks and fatty foods types or foods fortified with spices or hot pepper.

– Get enough rest facility.

– Avoid taking medicines to stop diarrhea, which may cause slowly in ridding the body of bacteria and chemicals that cause the problem of food poisoning.

Therefore, we see people who are predisposed to infection heartburn more than others, as well as, the establishment of stomach secrete certain hormones cause an increase sometimes in the secretion of acid (HCL). Ken Drew Review

External factors are no less serious than those of organic or psychological, as the quality of the food may be a reason in itself to the weakening of the mucous membrane lining of the stomach becomes the stomach vulnerable to the effects of acid (HCL), it is that coffee, tea or smoking or drinking alcohol and God forbid, and some medicines containing substances anti-inflammatory and pain relievers such as aspirin and drugs rheumatism and cortisone the same role.
Finally, sleep immediately after eating or lack of exercise is to keep the LED connector between the stomach and esophagus openwhich leads to the exit of acid from the stomach causing a “flashback”, one of the most factors leading to acidity.


Before knowing the leading cause of acidity when someone must pass through several stages and the use of a number of means until we get the result definitive about the reasons for that burning.
Doctor at the outset to take the clinical picture and the history of the disease and its symptoms, after which it is the work of radiographs called (Barium meal) or barium meal, which helps in the detection of some of the causes of acidity, while the third stage is up to the work of the so-called endoscopic, where the tube is inserted rubber by the lens and lighting by mouth, without the need for hypnosis or sedation, and passes the tube esophagus, stomach, and the end of the century, and so the doctor can see the inside of these organs as clearly as he can take pictures of each part of the internal organs. Our special offer on Diseaseless Ebook

Acidity Of Common Diseases

Acidity of common diseases in this age, which is proliferating and took infect even young children to relate to the behavior of food, which is a natural product of secretions civil, and the spread of fast food, lack of exercise, eat dinner late, such as sleep, are all reasons lead to increased fat The acids in the stomach, and then starts the disease spam. ken drew


What acidity?


Doctors know acidity as burning sensation behind the greatness of the cage bottom of the chest, and different unit felt from one person to anotherand sometimes called “heartburn”.

arises a sense of heartburn usually due to attack acid (HCL) and is located under the secretions stomach, and this acid affects the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum and sometimes the lower part of the esophagus, is not limited to this effect on acid, but can ferment pepsin digestive (Pepsin) to do the same thing, as Helps constant friction between food particles, especially what was it is chewed well or The particles are relatively large in the appearance of that aching feeling heartburn.


Causes of acidity are numerous reasons for acidity and vary between organic causes and other psychological as well as those nutritional or arising out of some bad habits. first causes heartburn is the acid in your stomach is named (HCL), and despite the fact that this acid is present in the stomach naturally and you are to help digest food, but that the occurrence of any defect in the mucosal lining of the stomach (which protects the stomach from acid) leads to a lack of the body’s immunity and then attacking it sour stomach, causing heartburn.


On the other hand, the psychological factor excess and permanent tension helps the secretion of certain hormones lead to the emergence of acidity or one causes. you can easily go on our webpage for all the disease problem

Tips To Ease The Pain

– Watch out for diarrhea: It may seem strange, but it is not only hard stools that may increase the state anal fissures, but also diarrhea.

Why? Says Dr. Schuster: “The liquid stool may weaken the tissues surrounding it, also contains acid may burn the interior region, thus causing some sort of rash, which increases your suffering and your pain.”

– Watch out for nails: Some are forced under the influence of acupuncture to rub the affected area, but the nails may help a lot in increasing the cracks, and lead to more pain, says Dr. John Lauder (family doctor who specializes in nutrition and preventive medicine in Lawrence, Calif.): “The passing nails sharp above the anus minute, can cause a rupture of the tissues ulcerated previously.” Diseaseless review

– Use some creams: “The topical creams that acted without a prescription, which contains hydrocortisone, may be very helpful in reducing the inflammation that often accompanies the cracks.” He also advises doctors using creams that contain vitamins (A and B) that help heal wounds.

– Use hot water: Dr Edmund Leaf (a surgeon in the colon and rectum in Arizona): “You’re either filled the bathtub with hot water and sat in it , or sit in a tub of hot water, the warm water helps the muscles in the affected area to relax, and thus less pain. ”

– Abstained from certain foods: While there are certain foods such cracks, there are foods may increase the irritation of the affected area, which is advised doctors to refrain them, such as “food spicy and warm.”

– Use special pillow: Sitting during injury anal might be troublesome, and the least said about that pain, says Dr. Lauder: “It can make you and avoid pain, choosing one pillows filled with fluid or pillows made in the form of “donut” and available at many major pharmacies and retail medical instruments “, feel free ken drew official webpage